Zionist Propaganda: Time to Set the Record Straight

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : Justifying Israel’s apartheid policy and genocide on Palestinians is possible only, because Hollywood’s propaganda industry has deprived the entire Arab people from their humanity. It is time to set the record straight and to confront the enemies of truth.

The decades-long extermination of Palestinians, their Arab, Islamic and Christian cultures would not have been possible had people in the U.S.’and Europe had access to objective media reports and facts about the situation in Palestine and Israel.

In reverse, European and U.S. Citizens have tolerated their governments tolerance and complicity with Israeli crimes against Palestinians because billions are spent on a propaganda industry that positions Arabs as villains and sub-human while Israelis, Jews and indeed U.S.’ and European citizens are positioned as the noble victims. The themes vary, depending on the contemporary political discourse but the dehumanization, denigration and positioning aims at the same goal.

Read full article published at NSNBC:




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3 responses to “Zionist Propaganda: Time to Set the Record Straight

  1. I am the author of this article and editor of nsnbc international. You have copied and republished my article from HERE:


    Please understand that nsnbc international is a “struggling” independent newspaper, that among others struggles for economical survival in competition with corporate and state funded media.

    PLEASE do not re-publish my articles complete. You are very welcome to re-publish the first couple of paragraphs and insert a LINK (Read the full article at nsnbc) ..

    Be part of the solution, not part of the problem for independent media please. Publish the first paragraphs, insert a link so readers can find us, and donate if you appreciate our work, subscriptions are free. Just “taking” .. sorry, but we can’t survive if everybody just does that. Thank you.

    • Dear Christof ur must welcome, i appologize for any inconveniance and appreciate ur comment and ur protocol. Simply, I like the article and i published completely including ur name and the source, that’s it.
      I will edit as u suggest, now its clear for me how to do it.
      Thank u

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