The Top 30 Reasons Facebook Causes Depression


by Abigail Johnson Akingbade on March 5, 2012

Facebook is the largest media outlet in the world. Over 200 million people have a Facebook account. The social media outlet, Facebook, allows you to make friends, keep in touch with old friends, and socialize with family members that you haven’t seen in a while. You can share photos of your life and look at others posts. You can stalk people you haven’t talked to in a while.

FacebookAnd post daily messages about your thoughts, events in your life, or encouraging words to others. You can also promote events, promote yourself, or look at videos of others experiences. Facebook is a representation of who you are.

However, the random comments I would post on Facebook were very unhealthy. The first solution for me to overcome depression was to stop using Facebook, which was recommended by my therapist. I always thought Facebook was suppose to bring people close together, but in many ways I have discovered it can be a detriment to your health and make you feel lonely. Maybe you can relate. There are 30 reasons that Facebook contributed to my depression.

#1 Write What You Feel

It is good for me to express my feelings, but sometimes feelings are temporary and don’t make sense to others. When I look back at moments where I posted my feelings, I was left wondering why I wrote that post. Sometimes fleeting feelings are not to be expressed to the world, but Facebook gives you the opportunity to express how you feel at any moment in your life.

It is depressing to look back at what I wrote knowing the world read my post, and I can’t take it back. It’s like when you are in a heated argument and say things you don’t mean, but on Facebook those thoughts can be documented. It’s depressing to know and look back on some thought and feeling that I have expressed on Facebook, which should have been private. It isn’t always good to write what you feel to the world.

I see people on Facebook write all kinds of messages, but maybe they should be talking with a therapist rather than posting on Facebook.

#2 Record of Bad Moments

Some memories aren’t worth remembering when you are embarrassed about what you did. Have you ever been in the situation where you look back at a photo and wonder why you posted it? If not, maybe you’ve seen pictures of friends in compromising positions.

It’s not just you looking at the photos or comments, but you have the world looking at your past. What seems like a good idea at the time ends up becoming a discouragement for you in the present.

With the new Facebook timeline you are reminded of those moments. Or maybe it’s not something you are embarrassed about, but looking back you wish you had kept those moments private and not for others to comment on and critique. The ability to record your life reminds you on a daily basis of your struggles, and disappoints in life.

Sometimes it’s better to not have constant reminders of the past. It’s discouraging to see bad moments captured for the world to see. Even if the picture or post is removed, others still had the opportunity to see the picture/post and judge you from it.

#3 Others Comments

Most comments on posts, pictures, or videos are viewed by everyone within your Facebook circle. With the homepage giving you the ability to look at the latest posts without going to the persons personal page. You might have thought you had the perfect idea, but someone comments and critiques your whole idea.

Their opinion can leave you feeling depressed and isolated. Sometimes, it is better to try and fail rather than get discouraged and never try, because of the reaction of others.

Uplifting and positive comments are rewarding, but fleeting when you have a unique perspective. Or people within your network don’t agree with your point of view.

I wonder how many people feel discouraged every day from others comment they read on Facebook.

The ability to get others opinions at any moment has its downfall when you look for others to applaud you or agree with your point of view. I have found there are always going to be naysayers. The power of commenting on Facebook has the ability to cause you distress.

#4 Not Really Connecting

Facebook is a way to make superficial friends. Those who you don’t talk to very often, but you consider them friends. The dynamics of meeting on Facebook causes you to judge them by their appearance.

What’s the first thing you do when you make a friend on Facebook, you look at their profile which gives you a glimpse of their personality and likes/dislikes. And this information might not be an accurate perception of who the person is.

You have to spend quality time to really get to know someone. I wonder how many friendships have been broken up due to Facebook.

A profile is easily able to be manipulated to project what the user wants others to perceive about them. The ability to actually see how someone interacts with others is limited when using Facebook to communicate. I’m one who likes hanging out and going to events with friends. Facebook misses an aspect of friendship that is hard to create through social media.

Friendships are missing deep personal connections. Facebook friendships are superficial, because I am not able to fully interact with that person and see what that person does or how that person lives their life on a daily basis. Your perception is limited to what information the user provides on Facebook. It is depressing not being able to make deep connections with others.

#5 Hide Behind Your Words

Anyone can post messages that make them seem relatable but in life you wouldn’t be able to relate to them. It’s like when someone says they will do something but when faced with the dilemma they won’t do anything.

Facebook gives you the chance to talk well, but have no action behind following through on what you say. For example, I can post on Facebook that I am going to lose 30 pounds. But that’s all talk when you don’t take the necessary steps to accomplish it.

Words are powerful. The social media outlet is a tool to talk, but not take big actions in life. Saying you are going to do something is easy, but to actually do it is difficult. It can be sad to see all the things you hope to do, but have no means to accomplish.

Most people on Facebook are all talk and no action to back up their words and commitments. You have the opportunity to create a image, but no deep connections with people to support your desires.

Facebook is like an inventory of people, but no really connections to others. It is sad looking at one who has 1000 Facebook friends but no one to truly have a honest conversation with about life.

#6 Deep Thoughts Don’t Make Sense

It’s embarrassing when you write something that sounds go in your mind and you think others can relate, but when it’s put in writing it does not make sense. It might make sense to you, but others don’t understand and overlook your point of view. You may want to use Facebook to share your thoughts, but you realize your thoughts have to be refined.

Facebook puts you in the position to define your thoughts clearly to others. As long as it makes sense to you it’s encouraging, but letting the world in on your intimate, personal thoughts can be disheartening.

The ability to write whatever you want whenever you want hinders your thought process. Most people don’t spend 7 minutes to write a post that the world will see.

They just write whatever comes to mind. Without realizing your profile is a reflection of who you are and others judge you off of what you write on Facebook.

Have you ever been looking on Facebook, and see a post and think to yourself what are they talking about. You can tell the post was written in haste without thinking the thought out fully before sharing with others. It is depressing when others don’t relate or your words are overlooked and it seems like no one is paying attention to you.

#7 Fair Weather Friends

My Facebook page is filled with people whom I hardly ever talk to. And honestly, I don’t want to talk with them. The social media outlet gives you the unfortunate ability to keep up with people you barely know.

It is depressing when you have a big list of Facebook friends and no one to call on a daily basis to talk with and have a meaningful conversation.

Facebook is a way for you to feel important to others, but lack the experience of making true friends that you can develop lifelong friendships with. You can friend someone you are already friends with in life.

But I am talking about those Facebook friendships with those you barely know or only had a brief encounter with. Those people you can’t count on when you are in need.

Some friendships are made with strangers only to boast your friend count rather than building meaningful, important friends that are needed in life.

#8 Can Be A Different Person Than Who You Are

A lot of people are not portraying themselves in an appropriate manner to who they really are on Facebook. People judge you off of Facebook. I have heard some people have been fired over their Facebook profile.

Employers tell you they have a right to look at your Facebook profile to consider hiring you, because it is a reflection of your character and how you interact with others. As a result, many people use it to brand themselves or highlight their skills and talents.

You can never get an accurate perception of someone by looking at their Facebook page. Because it is used purposely to present a certain image or brand. In doing so, the way others perceive you on Facebook is totally different than who you are.

Some may look interesting and likable but in life they are mean and nasty. You wouldn’t want to be friends with them if you knew their personality.

Appearances can be deceiving.

It’s almost an opportunity to create an alter ego for yourself to impress others. Facebook is about affecting others rather than helping you become a global citizen and make meaningful relationships with people around the world. It is discouraging to not be able to make true friendships on Facebook.

#9 Easy Access

The ability to access Facebook from any source that has an internet connection can make getting on Facebook an addiction. Even if you don’t constantly post messages or photos it can be a distraction from problems or other important things you need to do in your life. The easy access enables you to check Facebook up to how many times you want a day.

How many people do you know who are Facebook addicts? Whenever you’re talking to them, they’re looking on Facebook or their using their cellphone to check new posts.

Facebook addicts love the social media site, because they keep up with people without actually them knowing you are keeping up with their life. It can be really creepy and depressing when Facebook is used to watch others rather than live and enjoy your life. The accessibility makes it easy to become a Facebook addict.

When you don’t feel like going out which is a symptom of depression instead Facebook becomes a filler so you can interact with others. Thus the accessibility of Facebook contributes to your depression and limits your ability to fully interact with others.

#10 Invite Events

I have never went to one event that I heard about through Facebook, because it seems impersonal unless I know the person and I have been invited. Facebook invites are depressing, because you see all the things you could be doing. But you don’t have the interest or energy to attend the events.

It is why many people confirm going to events, but never show up. Facebook is great for talking, but it is difficult to encourage people to take action.

You may feel disappointed that you weren’t able to attend an event, but you’re able to see what the event was like by looking at others pictures. You’re able to miss interacting with others in life, but still feel like you didn’t miss anything buy looking at the pictures or messages of those who attended the event.

You are able to see what it was like without having to leave the vicinity of your room. When doing this, you become more depressed and limit your interactions with others.

#11 Public Perception

The need to impress others takes priority over truly expressing your feelings. Do you have a friend who takes minutes or hours figuring out what they are going to post on Facebook? Or do you constantly think about how you are going to get more friends on Facebook? And what will attract people to your page.

I suggest you be yourself at all times, because you don’t want to be held up to standards that you can’t possibly meet. But Facebook gives you the ability to present yourself based on others perception to gain more superficial friends, but you forfeit your personal expressions.

Sometimes, it is good to separate your deep personal thoughts from the opinions that you share with the world. The constant pressure to meet others expectations of you are can be overwhelming.

Have you ever seen someone rant about how they’re giving up Facebook forever? I have, and it’s because Facebook leaves you feeling depressed about your life and making fake friends.

Internet naysayers are always lurking to pull you down, and friends seem far and distant.

#12 Time Wasted

The number one reason most people use Facebook is to waste time or to past the time during breaks from their daily activities and escape the stresses of life. As a result, Facebook can be a very big distraction in your life. You find yourself wanting to spend 5 minutes on Facebook, but an hour and a half minutes later you’re still on the site wondering to yourself where all your time went.

It can be depressing when you waste too much time on Facebook and don’t get things done in life. I can’t tell you how many people I know who use Facebook to waste time, because I know many people who do it.

I have even had friends who temporarily disable their page until they finish big projects, because Facebook is such a big distraction in their life.

I have even been guilty of using it to pass time when I should have been using the time to get things done and thus I wouldn’t have been so overwhelmed and worrying about how I am going to finish the project.

The time wasted allows you to avoid something temporarily, but eventually you will have to face it. It is a distraction from learning what you need to succeed in life.

#13 Looking For Friends

The ability to make real friends are hindered, because most people are either selling something or promoting something on Facebook. It is really difficult to make friends on Facebook. Most people use the platform to hook up and are unable to make purposeful friends that last a lifetime.

I have been in a situation where I genuinely wanted to interact with someone to be their friend, and it turns out they ask me for something in return and most men my age have less than noble intentions.

I have known people to use the networks to hook up with people. Social media limits your friendship capabilities. You would think with so many people using Facebook it should be easy to make friends. But in actually it makes it difficult and depressing to make friends.

Facebook is used to satisfy others urge to know what you’re doing rather than genuinely trying to make connections with people. This social media site hasn’t made it easier to find friends. In some ways, it has become more difficult than in the past.

#14 Too Big World

With so many people in the world, Facebook lets you see the big picture of how life is for people in other countries. I was able to go to another country and record my adventures with my family and friends in America able to see my experiences. It gives people the opportunity to broaden their perspective of the world. There are no limits to who you can interact with, but it leaves you feeling insignificant.

Your being on earth seems insignificant compared to others, but you are one in a million there’s no one else like you. Thus you should be celebrated for just being you. I always like wishing happy birthday, because I think it helps people feel appreciated. But it doesn’t seem authentic, and the social media outlet limits your ability to fully connect and see what the person is doing for their birthday.

Big World

It is useful to see when people have celebrations such as birthdays, but it seems impressionable and knowing how big the world is can make you feel unimportant. In some ways, Facebook enables you to get lost in the networks rather than creating a meaningful network of people that you can connect with.

It is not healthy to measure your significance by how many Facebook friends you have, because it is really superficial and most people aren’t on Facebook to build genuine connections.

#15 Unimportant Information

Facebook can fill your mind with unimportant information. That is why it is easy to use Facebook to waste time.

The useless information takes up the space in your mind for things that you could use to be learning information to better your future. The unimportant information can leave you worried about things that you shouldn’t be worried about.

The worrying can fill your mind and make you depressed. The information is a distraction from more important things. I wonder how many people waste their valuable time pondering over unimportant information that is only making them sick and consuming valuable space in their thoughts?

Have you ever read something on Facebook that you wish you had not read, because you are unable to change the situation and it doesn’t affect your immediate future.

Or you find out a loved one passed away from a Facebook post. Certain information should be concealed from public knowledge, but it is a trend to disclose all your struggles rather than confiding in a close knit group of people to help you work through issues. This site has forever changed the way we form friendships, interact with family, and communicate with one another.

There are so many things to worry about in life, thus try to avoid consuming so much useless information that is on Facebook. It is depressing knowing things that you have no control over.

#16 Random Strangers

Have you ever had a random stranger from another country try to talk with you on Facebook? I have and its frustrating how complete strangers somehow find a way to chat with me. I find myself deleting them from my friend list that I probably mistakenly added them to.

And I make sure my privacy settings are on. Many people hide behind Facebook profiles and you have no idea who you’re talking with.

You have to be careful who you associate with on Facebook. Some people abuse the platform for their own corrupt benefits and ruin the experience for others. I wonder how many people are stalked regularly by someone looking at their profile page?

It is really difficult to come up with a statistic to answer this question, because most people don’t go around admitting they Facebook stalk people.

I have personally seen Facebook profiles where people post 5 times a day about what they’re doing and where they’re going. The ability for Facebook to be a personal inventory of your life is appealing but remember some thoughts aren’t meant to be shared with the world and not everyone has pure intentions.

You are unable to control who looks at your page thus make sure you are aware of what you post on Facebook. You have the ability to accept friend requests, but you can’t fully block strangers from seeing your page.

#17 Authorities Can Track Your Posts

Many people are arrested every year, because of what they post on Facebook. The only way to truly disable Facebook is if you are banned from the site. The police solve crimes by looking at Facebook profiles. I learned about this technique used by the police by watching Dateline.

Facebook is accessible but remember it is being monitored. So watch what you post, because its sad to hear how Facebook ruined a life. I have also seen how Facebook was used to prove someone was an accomplice in a murder.

Facebook is free within limits. There was an recent controversy about freedom of speech when religious expressions were censored on the site.

Facebook is to be used with limits. It is discouraging for one who wants to use Facebook to make global connections. I had to learn my limits with using Facebook, because it can hinder your progress in life if you use the social media outlet in the wrong way.

#18 Held Accountable For Posts

I had to learn this the hard way that even though people might not comment, people read your posts because it is a public outlet. Not everything you post may be politically correct, but others take notice and judge you. It may seem insignificant to you, but it isn’t an outlet to unload all your problems and disappoints in life without some censorship and clear thinking process on your part.

Don’t be naïve like me and use Facebook to rant and rave, because your boss may be checking your profile or your best friend may be reading your post and thinking how much you sound crazy. People you barely talk with can communicate with you on Facebook.

I remember one time I posted a comment and someone wrote telling me about how I inspired them to get there life together and try to go back to college. You never know who you are affecting. People are reading your posts.

Everyone needs inspiration when life gets difficult. It may seem overwhelming, but maybe it can be less stressful if you think before posting.

I have known people who post in anger and regret making the post. But it is not deleted, because people comment on the post. Most post with comments encourage the user to keep the post and not delete it.

#19 Can’t Lie About Your Whereabouts

The world is a lonely place when you lose friends over Facebook. You may tell a friend you have some reading to do, but you end up going out to the movies with another friend. At the movies your friend takes pictures of you.

And your other friend who you told that you were studying gets angry and avoids talking with you. It’s hard to lie about where you have been if someone post comments or photos of you at an event that you weren’t suppose to be attending.

I think many relationships are broken up every year, because a spouse lied and Facebook was proof to show that they’re lying. It is depressing to lose friendships, business relationships, or family members over disputes caused by Facebook. Everyday, their are married women who emotionally cheat on their spouses using Facebook to talk with other men.

Facebook can break up a happy home. Make your lifetime friends and family a priority in life rather than spending most of your time on Facebook. I suggest you take time away from the site to focus on the most important things you have in your life.

#20 Reminiscent Of Your Past

Remember when you used to be obsessed with Omarion or you were into the throwback jersey fad. Or when you use to wear your hair in the pony tails?

Well, if you don’t remember, the pictures are uploaded on your page to help you remember. It is a way to capture your life and broadcast it to the world.

The ability for you to live in the present can be hindered by your obsession with keeping records of your past. Do you look at old photos, and talk for hours about what you use to do.

That’s a good thing to remember your roots, but the past is over. You should be living in the present to get where you want to go in life.

What you do today is more important than what you did 5 years ago, because everyday is a learning experience. You are constantly changing. Don’t let your past depress you now. What you did when you were younger has no hold on what you do now unless you let it hinder you.

I don’t like looking at the past on Facebook, because it is depressing knowing that I can control what has already happened. All I can do is let it go.

#21 Express Thoughts Need Therapy

Many people need help from a mental health professional rather than using Facebook as their therapy, and release of pent up emotions. You might need to clean out the junk in your mind before you can feel better on the inside.

Have you ever read depressing messages on a Facebook post? I have read it. And I usually see people sending comments to see what’s wrong with the person.

Depression is a disease where you should have someone trustworthy to talk with. People can encourage you on Facebook, but a therapist can help you overcome depression, if you choose the right therapist that fits your needs. A mental health professional can give you the tools you need to help you overcome your depression.

The first solution my therapist gave me was to stop using Facebook and let myself get better with counseling. Don’t be embarrassed about seeking out help.

Every year 17 million Americans are affected with depression. And the most alarming statistics point out that only a small portion of people actually get the help they need.

#22 Not Really Helping, But Concerned

I found that most people are unable to truly help you in the way that you need to be helped over Facebook. But some people are genuinely concerned about your well being. it is not that they can’t help you. It is just they aren’t in the position to help you. They don’t know your specific needs. They don’t know your specific needs.

Facebook posts are often used to reach out to people, but Facebook isn’t the most useful tool to help you overcome depression. I learned this from my experience with using Facebook when I was suffering from depression. It doesn’t help you feel better.

In many ways it leaves you feeling empty on the inside. A mental health professional can access your symptoms and give you counseling accordingly.

I suggest you avoid Facebook when depressed to get the help you need. I see all too often people get into a rut they can’t get out of before seeing a doctor. Don’t let that be you.

#23 Makes You Think

When you are depressed, you don’t need to think about unnecessary troubles. You need to relax and get your self back together.

In some cases, thinking about your problems has become overwhelming and made you depressed. The social media outlet can make you think about others and their problems instead of you dealing with your issues.

For example, when I get on Facebook I find myself thinking about events from the past and the disappointments I have had in my life. It makes me depressed. Avoid this feeling and do things that will help you clear your mind. Don’t run away from your problems, but try to find ways to take a break from the things that are stressing you out.

Constantly having negative thoughts running through your mind hinders your ability to overcome depression. Instead avoid using Facebook until you get better. This is what I did, and it is the best thing I have done for my health.

#24 Compare Yourself To Others

The worst thing to do in life is to compare yourself to others. First you don’t know what people go through behind closed doors. Second you’re unique and that means your path in life may be different from others you admire.

If you have ever asked yourself, I wish I had money like Oprah Winfrey then you have compared yourself to others. Even Oprah Winfrey has a Facebook page.

Facebook gives you the ability to see what others are doing, and as a result you feel bad about your life. In your opinion, you aren’t doing as much cool and exciting things as you see someone else is on Facebook.

I had this feeling when I was out of college, and I saw others enjoy their senior year in college and going on Spring break vacations. It made me really depressed because I felt like I was missing out on opportunities.

But I had to learn to appreciate my life and the things I have. There will always be someone who seems to have it all. Comparing yourself to others is easy to do on Facebook, as a result you get even more depressed about your life.

#25 Gloat When You’re Succeeding

I have been guilty of gloating on Facebook. It’s fun to show people all the cool things you get to do. But you never know what life has in store for you. One of the main attractions of Facebook is the ability to highlight your successes and rewards.

In looking at others, some feel limited in life and get jealous. I don’t like the aspect using Facebook to gloat knowing others may never have the same opportunities as you do. It makes others feel depressed and like they’re in a competition to highlight all their accolades and experiences.

Facebook posting can turn into an unhealthy competition of who’s better, got the most money, or who has the best mansion. Especially if you keep up with people from high school. It can be display of all your achievements.

It is discouraging the minute you feel good about something you have, because it becomes insignificant compared to what others have. For your happiness and sanity, don’t use Facebook to compare yourself to others.

#26 Want Others Approval

It is depressing to seek out the approval of others. By trying to get them to “like” or “share” your posts, videos, or pictures.

When you are struggling with depression the disappointment of others not being enthusiastic or disliking what you have to offer can be disheartening. Most people won’t live up to your expectations, thus placing your hopes into Facebook friends does not help with depression.

It makes you feel worst than having not used Facebook. I learned from my experience waiting for the approval of others will not solve your problems.

You might find a way to make more money, but you end up even more depressed. Don’t go looking for Facebook to cure any feelings of insecurity or self doubt.

Build yourself up to withstand criticism from others before you seek out others approval. The social media gives people the ability to hide behind their alter egos and criticize others. If you’re seeking approval on Facebook, trust me, you won’t find it.

If you do, it will be fleeting, because not everyone is going to support you. You have to believe in yourself and not worry about what others think.

#27 Competition Is High You Feel Insignificant

The competitive nature of Facebook is rigorous for those who don’t like competing. Millions of people want their articles, products, or videos to go viral and be seen by millions.

Everyone wants to be heard. Millions of people want to be a success. Thus you can feel lost in the network without a way to stand out from the crowd.

You feel like just another person who uses the site. You feel insignificant to the world. I had to deal with feelings of worthlessness, but I realized Facebook isn’t going to cure my negative feelings.

It’s something I had to do on my own, because I feel like Facebook is a coping mechanism that people use to deal with their problems rather than finding solutions to cure their ills.

You have to believe you are significant before anyone can tell you, because when they do tell you that you’re significant you won’t believe them. Because you have not told yourself that you’re significant.

Avoid worrying about the “share” and “like” on Facebook until you have the confidence in yourself and know your self worth.

#28 Just Another Profile

Feelings of insignificance are a symptom of depression, because this disease affects your self perception and lowers your productivity. You feel less motivated to do the things you enjoy in life.

As a result, Facebook can make you feel very isolated, because you’re just another profile on the site. For this reason, I have disabled my account on several instances.

You feel ignored by others, and all your friends are fair weather friends that you would feel awkward talking with at this point in your life. You feel less important compared to others, which is not true.

The worst thing to do is get on Facebook and rant about deleting your Facebook when you are depressed. Make the decision on your own.

Don’t use that technique as a tactic to get others opinions about your decision. You know what affects your health negatively.

For me the outlet wasn’t enriching my life thus I decided to limit the amount of time I spend on the site.

Are you following the crowd? How is Facebook helping you?

#29 Reflection of Who You Are

The way you use the social media outlet reflects your personality and interests. Are you introvert or extrovert?

People make judgments based on what you post on the site. The representation is often a poor reflection of who you are, because you want to impress rather than socialize with others.

Some use Facebook solely to entertain others. However, depression increases when people don’t like you.

If you put your hopes into impressing others on this site, disappointment will occur, because we don’t always do things exactly the way others expect.

It is sad to see people use Facebook to exploit others with advertisements and garbage products. I suggest you use Facebook to present yourself in a positive manner, avoid cursing, because you never know who’s looking.

But don’t put your hopes into Facebook or else you will be disappointed.

Get medical treatment if you are depressed. Facebook shouldn’t be used as a curtain to mask your depression. It’s an empty tool that will leave you feeling hopeless.

#30 Celebrity Culture

Celebrity Culture

Facebook has become a site for one to get their 15 minutes of fame. It seems like everyone wants to be a celebrity nowadays.

This celebrity culture propels you to constantly seek the opinion of others. Thus, the goal for fame lowers your self confidence and increases your depression.

You have to find a way to be different. The pressure others put on you to be constant in your appeal is overwhelming.

Have you ever wondered why some videos go viral and then you never hear of the people again? It is because we are a celebrity culture that builds people up to standards that are hard to continuously meet.

We’re constantly looking for the new fad.

The platform can destroy your goals if you fail to explicitly state your intentions. I have found most famous people are depressed, because people are fans rather than friends.

People hold them up to a standard that leaves them feeling isolated, and depressed when unable to meet the demands others place on them.

Don’t fall into the celebrity culture that the platform allows. If you want to build your brand, message, or product that is great, but becoming a celebrity is fleeting.

Many people build you up to tear you down. As a result, make sure you are giving value to others and able to maintain your level of performance regularly.

Are you seeking fame or fortune? Facebook enables you to seek both, but the pressure causes depression especially with your audience able to see through crap and able to express their displeasures directly to you on the platform.

Is Facebook Helping You?

Facebook can hinder you from overcoming depression. It is a social media site that is suppose to bring people together, but these are the top 30 reasons why Facebook contributed to my depression.

I hope if you can relate, get the medical treatment that you need to overcome this disease. I also want you to know if you feel empty or unfulfilled using Facebook to socialize, I challenge you to find other methods to socialize with others.

Be different from the crowd.

Don’t let Facebook take over the way you socialize, interact, and make friends with others. There are many benefits of using traditional methods to socialize with others such as getting out from in front of the television or computer and going to live events to form deep, personal, and meaningful connections that will drastically improve your mood and well being.

If you like this post please “share” on Facebook, “twit” on twitter, or “google+” it. Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this posts! Please leave a comment let me know how you feel about Facebook.


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